This is how the customised transformation works

For the individually tailored conversion of historic Volkswagen vehicles, our experts analyse the initial situation and determine the requirements for the upcoming electrification.

In the first conversion step, we dismantle the body and prepare it for the next steps. We replace the old drive with our customised E-Kit. The conversion uses new parts they have mutually agreed on from the series production of Volkswagen Group Components. This provides our customers with a safe, clean and reliable drive solution for the future.

We mount the possibly restored body of your classic car on your customised, fully electric, upgradeable base plate with battery system. Only electricity - no emissions. In the process, the status of your classic vehicle is preserved.

You get a vehicle based on clean energy that you and your family can enjoy for decades. With an electric drive, the maximum torque is also immediately available to classic cars - unlike internal combustion engines, which need high revs for high performance. In addition, modern electric drives require much less maintenance than combustion engines. Especially if they are several decades old.