Inspiring history

In December 1945 the manufacturing of the first Volkswagen Beetle began in Wolfsburg. By 1946, 10,000 units had already been produced, establishing the inimitable success story of this model. In 1950, the 100,000th VW Beetle rolled off the line. Immediately afterwards, mass production of the Transporter began in Wolfsburg. The model is used for transporting goods and as a minibus, as a fire department vehicle, as a police car, a postal delivery van, and later also as a camper-van.

On July 14, 1955, the Karmann Ghia Coupé, developed in co-operation with the coachbuilder Karmann, is launched. With its stylish Italian design, 30 horsepower engine, hydraulic brakes and front axle stabiliser is a highly sporty model. The two-seater Karmann Ghia Cabriolet followed in September 1957, sharing one of the joys of the economic miracle.

In spring 1974, the compact class was born at Volkswagen with the Golf I. It rapidly became a bestseller. By August 1983, six million of the Golf I have been built, making the car the means of transport of a generation. With our latest E-Kit, this classic, like other historic Volkswagen models, can also be electrified and fly back to the future.